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My philosophy

I believe people are happiest when their home is in balance, and when their home is working for them & not against them. I partner with people to edit their possessions down to what is important & useful, providing a combination of non-judgmental support, guidance, truth-telling, and the occasional dash of tough love.


With a little elbow grease, even the most modest of homes & rentals can be beautiful.  Everybody deserves to live in a simple, visually pleasing, and functional space - regardless of their circumstances. At the heart of my work is my absolute dedication to helping you restore visual harmony & quality of life back into to your home.

My Philosophy

About me

I am an entrepreneur with extensive experience in the service and retail industry, working one-on-one with the public as a business owner, hair stylist, adoption outreach coordinator & event planner.


In 2008, I accidentally started a business as a residential organizer. I say accidentally because I didn't get up one morning with the intention to be an organizer. I started by emptying out a home that had been in my family for 100 years. I then helped someone downsize their house, then helped another person with too much furniture, and another with paper clutter. My organizing business just took off from there! 


The most important thing to know about me before we work together is that I am a kind & non-judgmental person. My clients love me because I am upbeat, action oriented and energetic. My special gift is to look past “what is” and to be able to see what can be. There is nothing that makes me happier than helping a client achieve their goal, from downsizing a whole house to simply clearing out & reorganizing the maddening kitchen junk drawer.

About Jane


Does it take forever to find things in your house? Are you plagued by stacks of papers? Is your garage an unusable space? New baby on the way? Guest room uninhabitable? Drowning in your kid’s toys? Prepping for an upcoming move or remodel? Are your files bursting at the seams? These are just a few reasons to bring me in to help!


Just as one-size-does-not-fit-all in clothing, my organizing work is tailored to your individual needs & pace. My goal is to figure out how to create organizational systems that work with your style of living & working. Working with me is not only efficient, it’s enjoyable!


No job is too big or small! I am as comfortable working with a hard deadline as I am bit-by-bit. Additionally, at the end of each session, at no cost to you, I will whisk away all portable donations, e-waste & recyclables leaving you each time with a clearer space!


Not sure where to start? Relax. Call me & let’s talk. We can go over the possibilities as well as my fees. I’m here to help!


What my clients are saying

I reached a major milestone thanks to Jane's support and help! We were able to empty a giant storage container I had sitting in my driveway for NINE months. It was full of stuff to sort and I was overwhelmed and stalled on my decluttering project. Working with Jane was a pleasure both because of the practical help AND because of her flexible, relaxed attitude. With her help the task became possible!
Marina Z.
“Jane is talented, sensitive and one of the best organizers I've worked with. Not only is she kind and empathetic about how hard cleaning out can be, she's also mindful of your goals. Jane is firm and focused in sticking to your goals, one goal at a time, and in supporting you to let go of things you really don't need. The absolutely priceless part of her services is that she meticulously separates items to recycle and donate, and hauls it all away to the appropriate places. No guilt!”
Heidi H.
"Jane has an uncanny way of simplifying the organizing process and making you feel comfortable with where you're at, and where you're headed. Somehow Jane takes the most daunting projects and makes them seem easy. I could never have done that on my own!"
Rebecca S.
“The biggest hurdle I faced in moving was the need to downsize. Hiring Jane made all the difference to me, because facing a lifetime of possessions was daunting. She helped me sort through my clutter and make thoughtful decisions without ever once making me feel bad about having clutter in the first place. What’s more, at the end of each session, Jane took away the discards — this pile to the thrift shop, this for recycling and so forth. The house immediately looked cleaner and there was no opportunity to second-guess myself.”
Roberta A.

Contact Jane \\ Tel: 510.593.8684


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