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C&K Weekend Squad Goals

Being the bossy gal I am, I decided it's time to suggest my first Clean & Kemp Squad goal!

So here it is:

Grab a shopping bag and take 15 minutes to gather up all the random DVDs and CDs in your home.

You know what I mean. All the movies that you copied back in the day, or the ones that came with some electronic whatnot you bought. The scratched DVDs and CDs that you're never ever going to play. The blank ones that have something on them but you honestly can't remember what. Even that vintage stack of new jewel boxes or CDs that you bought eight years ago at Staples or Office Depot that have been sitting in your home office. Throw those in!

Now let's kick it up a notch. Take a deep breath and gather up the any discs that came with your Apple device. You know what I'm talking about. The ones that you've never taken out of the sleeve, but - admit it - you're waaaaaaaaaaay too freaked out to get rid of because they "might be" important some day.

Guess what? They're not! I find these in 100% of the houses I work in and I'm here to tell you they are consistently kept, unopened, along with the packaging, which urban legend says will somehow make you money down the road when you sell your device. Yeah, no.

Throw them all in a bag. Then put your bag in the front seat of your car, and drive your bag to the El Cerrito Recycling Center. Here's the address - 7501 Schmidt Ln, El Cerrito, CA.

Inside the Exchange Zone, you will find this wonderful blue barrel. Take your bag and empty all those DVDs and CDs into said barrel. Then step aside and watch the people that hang out there get super excited and start pawing through the barrel. Do a happy dance back to your car and be rest assured that you will never give a second thought to what you just got rid of, except maybe to wonder why you didn't do it sooner!

Then reward yourself for your small victory! You deserve it!

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