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Meet Aspirational Clutter

Meet Aspirational Clutter.

This is the stuff you spent good money on, not for the life you have now, but for the life you hope to lead someday.

You know, stuff like exercise equipment, clothing in smaller sizes and clothing you have never worn, crowding your closet, expensive shoes that hurt your feet, rarely to never-used kitchen gadgets. The rub is that we shell out good money for this stuff, which makes it even harder to justify letting it go.

To shed some light on why Aspirational Clutter sits around your home year after year, let's call it by its other name - Arrogant Clutter. Because that's what this stuff is -- a mistake that we really, really, really don't want to admit we made. A choice that didn't pan out and cost us money -- maybe even big money!

So how do you let Aspirational Clutter go?

The First Step to getting rid of Aspirational Clutter is to admit you made a mistake. Own it! Embrace it! Take 100% responsibility!

The Second Step getting rid of Aspirational Clutter is to unconditionally forgive yourself. Without judgment or regret.

The Final Step is to take action. You have three choices:

Donate it! This is usually the hardest scenario, but the most expiditious. Get it out of your house and don't look back! Depending on the item, you may be able to take a tax write off.

Give it away! To a friend, a shelter, a charity auction, a school, a local teen center. Anywhere that gives a sense that you've done the right thing will ease the sting of letting go.

Sell it! - but with the caveat that it has to be sold in a defined time frame, say two weeks. This can be as easy as snapping a pic and putting it up on your Facebook page or a school or community listserv. If you find the thought of selling on eBay intimidating, try selling on Close 5, their local app, or Craigslist. Clothing can go to a consignment shop, but be warned, consignments shops are notoriously picky. Historically, this option has only worked for my clients with higher end clothes and shoes.

Whatever you choose to do with your Aspirational Clutter, resist the goal of recouping your money. Instead, think of the money you spent as tuition in the School of Hard Knocks. Learn from your aspirational clutter mistakes and odds are you'll think twice before bringing it into your home again.

Thoughts? Questions?

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