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C&K Weekend Squad Goal

Ready for another C&K Weekend Squad Goal?

This one's quick and easy!

You, like me, have kitchen recycling down. We are so adept at kitchen recycling, we can do it in our sleep! Heck, we can actually do it in our sleep while separating out bottles from cans from paper from plastic from green waste. When it comes to recycling in the kitchen, we've made the grade! We're so golden! High Five!

But what about other rooms in your house, hmmmmm? My experience is that recycling kinda slacks off when you exit the kitchen and head into the hinterlands of your domicile. Hence this week's Weekend Squad Goal.

So here goes -

Set your timer for 10 minutes. Grab a reusable shopping bag and peruse the other rooms in your house for recyclables. Think about that ever-growing stack of magazines and empty shampoo bottles in the bathroom. The empty yogurt cup next to the couch.

Random papers in your bedrooms. Kid's scribbling. (Not to be confused with your kids' fine art which I know y'all get super touchy about, lol!) Junk mail that got set down in the hallway and never picked up. Especially that stack of holiday cards. It's April, People!

Anyway, just grab what catches your eye.

You only have 10 minutes to do your whole house, so don't try to get it all. This is just a quick sweep!

When the timer goes off, stop! Drop the contents of your bag in the recycling bin and take a moment to treat yourself because you're AWESOME SAUCE!

Me? I'm having this!


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