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I'm going to start this blog off by saying that I don't work with hoarders. Truth be told, the notion of hoarders is so disgustingly misunderstood, I cringe every single time I hear it. Working with a true hoarder is a specialty that is best left to the experts, and that's not me. My clients are normal folks whose homes fall on a continum from slightly out of balance - new baby stuff, too many toys, overstuffed drawers - on up to completely out of balance. No matter where you fall on the continum, hiring an organizer for any reason takes inner strength. I mean it's hard to ask for help, right?

Occasionally I get hired to do fun design tweaks for clients, such as moving furniture, accessories and artwork around. More and more, though, I am called in to help with situations that make living in a home difficult. For these clients, just reaching out for my help demonstrates a bravery that many of us will never experience.

In out-of balance homes, my first organizing session requires an enormous amount of courage on my clients part to confront a miriad of difficult emotions. Shame, depression, hopelessness are just a few. I liken living in an out-of-balance home to running a marathon in waist deep water. It's hard to do even the simplest tasks. It's exhausting to live in. And, it's mentally draining.

The fact that dealing with an out-of-balance home has no easy fix is clear to my clients before they ever contact me. And let me tell you. These people are straight up motivated to making long-term change in their lives! They allow me to help them step out of their vulnerable and often secret dark place, then session by session, introduce light, balance - and yes - beauty back into their homes!

Asking for help is never easy. Knowing that help will be needed over an extended period of time takes tough mettle and tenacity! Hands down, these clients are my biggest inspiration and my greatest teachers. They are some of the bravest people I have ever met and I am truly honored to be a part of their lives.



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