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Remember when you first moved into your home and you got to decide what went where? I don't know about you, but that's my jam! As much as I hate unpacking, for me the clean slate of a new house makes moving into a new living space fun and exciting!

One of my favorite things to do is to move things around. I moved the furniture around in our current living room no less than a dozen times in the first six months we lived here. My son would come home from school, look around, and say "Again???"

I was curious and excited to have this new space and I wanted to see all the possibilities!

Even now, I continue to scheme about moving things around. Although I have my furnture fairly well placed given my tricky layout, my house will forever be a work in progress. What worked when we moved here eight years ago, can always benefit from being tweaked. Which brings me to the point of this blog post.

Just because something landed where it did however many years ago, does not mean it has to be glued to that spot forever more.

(Sorry. I didn't mean to shout.)

Moving things around in your home can be cathartic. Rearranging the furniture, rugs and lamps can give rooms a new look and a fresh perspective. Something as simple as raising and widening curtain rods can magically make ceilings feel taller and windows feel wider. Rearranging kitchens to ensure that everything is two steps from where you need it can transform cooking from a major pain to an effortless pleasure.

A couple of weeks ago, my client and I were working on her living room. She noted outloud that her couch was not in the best location and would probably benefit by being moved. Her tone was almost wistful, as in maybe down the road we can move the couch. But me being me, I said lets do it right now. So we moved the couch. And as these things go, we then moved lamps, side tables, chairs, etc, to accommodate the new layout.

By the end of that session, the furniture arrangement wasn't perfect, but it looked a million times better than when we started. When I returned a few weeks later my jaw literally dropped to the floor! On her own, my client had continued to move things around, eventually fiding a layout that just clicked! I kid you not, her space looked and felt AMAZING. I actually shouted Happy Birthday to Me!!! not because it was my birthday (which it wasn't) but because it felt like such a gift! I could not have been prouder!

Repositioning the couch was all she needed to begin channeling her creativity! The living room now has that soothing Feng Shui energy flow that makes you want to relax on the couch with a good book and a cup of tea.

So here's the deal. Just because furniture, artwork, pots and pans, or whatever landed where they did however many years ago doesn't mean you're stuck with it all staying in the same place. Cast off your inertia and indulge your curiosity! There is really nothing to lose by movement. Worst case scenario is that everything gets moved back, and you get the satisfaction of knowing you tried something new!



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