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The Lady Wall

I don't think I have ever intentionally decorated any of my homes. I generally stumble on an idea, and if I like it, I go with it.

My Lady Wall in my bedroom is a perfect example my decorating process.

As I have written before, my bedroom is L shaped and has a sliding door that leads out to the garden. Coming through the door, the sliding door is straight ahead, with my bed on the right, and a wall on the left. When I first moved into my room, I tried putting my dresser against that left wall. Within a week I moved the dresser to a different wall because it made walking into my room feel awkward and cramped. (In Feng Shui terms, it blocked the chi). I ended up just leaving the left wall empty for several years, figuring that eventually an idea would come to me.

About a year ago, I decided to put a painting of a lady painting up on that wall. It's not that I had any big ideas - because I didn't - so much as I just wanted to get her off the floor. But I liked the look of her there, so she stayed. Shortly after that, my painter lady was joined by my impressionist lady. They became instant BFFs! A couple months later they were then joined by two that ladies I found on a curb in Berkeley, and two framed geisha ladies I found at Goodwill. Turns out I had my very own girl squad!

Eventually I started calling it my Lady Wall. As you can in the photo above, it was haphazard. Not that I cared.

I've been rearranging all the artwork in my bedroom. This afternoon I had a free hour and decided to redo the Lady Wall, adding in three more ladies, including a sweet pastel of me when I was 23 that I found when I was cleaning out my mom's attic. (Ahh to be young again!) I also filled in the Lady Wall with various doodads that I had kicking around.

Here is how it looks now -

Yes, I know. It's still a little wonky, but I really don't mind! This wall amuses me no end and makes my bedroom fun! It also serves a feng shui function of distracting the eye so the chi doesn't shoot out the back door. In other words, it feels better.

And of course, it goes without saying that there are a few nail holes behine each painting!

I wanted to share that with you because so many of you are fearful of putting holes in your walls or needlessly worried about hanging up art perfectly. Don't overthink it and don't be afraid to have fun! That's what decorating your home is all about!



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