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Color Crush - Mustard Yellow

Hi Everyone!

I hope you all had a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! I recently did something that was so out of character for me, I figured I'd hop on and share it with you here.

A few months ago I embarked on a serious, and I mean SERIOUS clothing purge. I donated the larger sizes that no longer fit me. I chucked anything that was stained, snagged, or over worn. And in a final act of defiance, I tossed anything that didn't feel good on my body, or frankly, I was sick of wearing. When I was done, I looked over my remaining clothes, mostly black, white and grey, neatly hung up and folded, and I was thrilled. To many of you, doing something this drastic might be unthinkable. But to me, seeing the space between hangers, and the small stacks of folded clothes felt like a fresh start.

When it came time to add new clothing back in, I decided to take my time and opt for quality rather than quantity. I eventually set my sights on The Essentials Kit from Universal Standard, a size-inclusive online brand that sells what they call elevated essentials. ( Universal Standard's The Essentials Kit consists of leggings, a jersey skirt, a ribbed tank top, and a long sleeve t-shirt for $150. And because I often say "color, schmolor" I placed my order in all black and thought that was that.

Then I saw this mustard yellow dress and it was love at first sight.

Impulsively I ordered the dress pretty much knowing that I'd immediately send it back because it didn't fit or the color would be waaaaaay too much for my basic black sensibility. But as it turns out that the drape of this dress is not only flattering, it's incredibly comfortable. And the mustard yellow looks great with my skin and hair.

Seriously. Who knew!

Once mustard yellow was on my radar, I started to see this color everywhere.

A mustard yellow pillow on Etsy!

Ballet flats by Tieks

A vintage mustard yellow mohair accent chair

A ceramic garden stool

A chunky faceted agate necklace

Vintage Melamine dishes

And finally, a beautiful mustard yellow scarf!

And because this color makes me so happy, I wanted to share some mustard yellow inspiration with you!

No harm, no foul if you can't stop thinking of a French's Mustard bottle!



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