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Gifts are the journey, not the destination

Picture this: We're rapidly sorting through items in a home and come upon something that is clearly different from everything else. My client holds it up and freezes. The energy has instantly shifted. What's this, I ask. It was a gift, she says in a heavy tone.

Btw, this is not one particular client. This is almost every client.

Are you ready for this because it is a good one. You are under no obligation to keep a gift. No matter how expensive it was, no matter who gave it to you - not even your MOM. The important part was the act of being given something. Whatever happens after that is up to you. Donate it, sell it on Craigslist, or offer it to a friend, but do not hang onto it simply because it was a gift. You might feel guilty but my experience is that guilt passes in a nano second.

Thoughts? Concerns? Feeling liberated?

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