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C & K Squad Goal - So Long, Spiderwebs

Doing things alone is so dang boring! Join my Clean & Kemp squad and let's get this quick and easy cleaning goal done together!

Does this happen to you?

Photo: Better Homes and Gardens

You come and go in and out of your house every day, la la la, and everything is fine and dandy. Beautiful in fact! Then one day - maybe because the light has shifted, or maybe because your overwrought brain is finally ready and able to take in new information - you look up and suddenly notice that there are cobwebs surrounding your front door and porch light!

Photo: The Contrary Goatkeeper

Accompanying this Halloween-ish scene is a light dusting of pollen combined with what I call "freeway fallout" that has drifted over and settled on all the surfaces...

Ick! Fortunately this is a less that 15 minute fix!

Put an extension cord on your vacuum cleaner and drag it outside your front door. You're going to be using your vacuum hose and attachment to suck up all the cobwebs and dust. And spiders. And ants. And any other bugs that you happen to see loitering about. If you feel bad about this part, do what Marie Kondo does and thank them for their service before vacuuming them up.

Side Note: You're heretofore going to be known as the weird neighbor who vacuums outside. I say, who cares! It's better than being known as the neighbor with the cobwebby front door. Grab onto that vacuum cleaner and fly your freak flag proudly!

I use the crevice too on my Miele vacuum to suck up the cobwebs and get the dust out of the tiny corners. I then use the dusting brush attachment to vacuum up the dust on all the surfaces. I do the same with my porch light.


By now things should be looking 80% better - ot higher if you've never done this before!

Now go for the cherry on the sundae. Take the vacuum inside then bring out a bucket of warm, soapy water and a web duster or gentle scrub brush.

Dip the brush into the bucket and give everything a gentle scrubbing. That should do the trick. Then, either let it all air dry or blot the drips with a rag. If you're still feeling peppy, give the area a quick sweep with your broom and toss that half-dead plant sitting next to the front door into your green waste bin.

That's it. You're done!

Now treat yourself an iced chai latte and a pedicure. You are a rock star!



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