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C & K #squadgoal. Get rid of something that you don't like!

I was folding laundry a few weeks ago and came across a set of Ikea sheets that, well quite frankly, I hate. These sheets were from Craigslist when I was given a nearly new Hemnes daybed for free from a gentleman who was moving back to London.

Fast forward seven years. The Ikea daybed eventually fell apart (as assembled and reassembled Ikea furniture often does) and was taken to landfill. However, the sheets not only remained, they stayed in our sheet circulation. Ugh. Everytime I'd see them in the clean laundry basket, I'd feel quietly annoyed.

Here's why:

* I dislike their color (blue/black)

* I dislike their texture (thin fabric, shiney and dull stripes)

* I hate that they don't fit any of our beds (we have queensized beds)

And yet, the sheets stayed in rotation.

Wash. Fold. Use. Wash. Fold. Use. Wash. Fold. Use.

So on that fateful day, as I groaned seeing the sheets again, the lightbulb went off. Duh Jane! If you hate these sheets so much, then donate them. So I did. The very next day. I also went to Marshalls and bought a pretty new sheet set that fits my bed and works with the colors in my room.

That got me thinking. These little possessions in our everyday life that bother us can weigh us down in ways we don't realize. Once those kingsized sheets were out of my house, I realized how much they had annoyed me. Silly, I know. But true.

So here's my challenge to you. Find one thing in your home that makes you go ugh, and get it out of your home. Or at the very least, get it out of your sight. Right now. Today.

Then let me know how that feels!



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