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Let's Start Over, Shall We?

Remember the time I started a Clean & Kemp blog?

Yeah, I barely do either!

Here's the problem...

A blog based solely on organizing tips and tricks can sound preachy and bossy long before I ever hit the Publish button! I write it, then the sound of my voice inside my head telling you what to do makes me want to slug myself for sounding smug. Like I have it all figured out. Which as my close friends and family will tell you - I don't.

So I just gave up. Well, not so much gave up as focused my attention on my Instagram page, which felt more freeing. Over there, I posted whatever I wanted, filmed little Instagram Stories videos, made a lot of pithy commentary on a variety of subjects, and basically had a blast being ME.

I mean, yes I have a lot of wisdom to dispense, but I also have a lot of other equally interesting things to wax poetic about such my love for just about everything they sell at Ulta...

(Hashtag its a problem...)

... and my new favorite jeans from Target!

I'm looking at you Universal Thread Curvy Straight Jeans!

I found myself wishing that I could be that free and fun on my Clean & Kemp blog. But that meant shifting how I envisioned my blog going. And then it hit me. I can do whatever I want on this ding-dong blog!!! I can give as much time to the Kemp part of my business as I do the Clean! Does that make sense?

So if it's ok with you, I'd like to not-so-much change the direction of the Clean & Kemp blog, as diversify it. Keep the organizing tips and add in whatever else is going on in my life, or catching my fancy.

I'd also like to encourage you to follow me on Instagram because I'm super fun. I'm @kempjane.





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